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1.How long can I use a sunbed for?

This all depends on your skin type and how regularly you tan (If you tan at all). If you are using a sunbed for the first time then regardless of your skin type you should use the sunbed for the minimum session time possible. Unbeknown to you your skin may be hyper-sensitive to light or your may find that you are claustrophobic on a sunbed. As a guide please check our Tanning Responsibly section which categorises the different skin types and suggests maximum tanning session times for each specific skin type.


2.What is the minimum age to tan?

The legal age to use UV tanning equipment is 18. No persons under the age of 18 will be permitted to use any of our UV tanning equipment or be allowed into any of our tanning rooms where UV tanning equipment is located.


3. How quickly will I get a tan?

Again this depends on your skin type. Those with a lower skin type (i.e. skin type 2) will take longer to tan than a person with a skin type 3 or 4. This is because their skin cells produce less melanin (tanning pigment) during a tanning session so they mustn’t tan for as long or else they will burn.


4. Do I have to use goggles?

It is the law that all persons using tanning equipment must be provided with a pair of goggles. Never think that closing your eyes during your tanning session will offer sufficient protection for your eyes as your eyelids are not thick enough to prevent UV light damaging them.


5. Can I tan when pregnant?

It is our policy to refuse anyone that is pregnant to use any of our UV tanning equipment. Also, during the first trimester of pregnancy you should not have a spray tan as hormone fluctuations during this period can lead to an uneven tanning result.


6. Does using a tanning lotion really improve my tan?

Yes and for many reasons which can be found in the Tanning Lotions section. Research has found that using a tanning lotion can improve tanning results by as much as 60%. One way of looking at it is like washing your hair without using a shampoo! Please be advised that indoor tanning lotions do not contain any sunscreen.


7. How Often Can You Tan?

If you are a first time tanner then we recommend up to 3 sessions in a week doing a maximum of 3 minutes each session. By doing the minimum session time you are reducing the chances of burning. The high number of sessions in a short period of time will allow your skin enough opportunity to stimulate the production of melanin (essential for achieving a tan).

Once you start building up a base tan (a darkening from your natural skin colour) we suggest you tan frequently (2 – 3 sessions per week) for only short session time (6 – 9 minutes depending on your skin type). Once you have developed a good base tan you will only need to tan once a week to maintain your tan.

If you enjoy using a sunbed to help you relax then you can still tan frequently but keep your session times to more than 6 minutes.


8. Can you tan more than once in a day?

You will not be allowed to tan more than once in the same day at any of our tanning centres. It can take up to 24 hours for the tanning process to work (i.e. from your skin receiving UV light to a tan developing) so you should be patient. Also, your skin can only produce so much melanin during a tanning session and it can take up to 24 hours for your skin to be able to produce it once more. Therefore a second tanning session taken on the same day would be totally ineffective.

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